The App is Web based therefore no download is needed and you can access the site off of your smart phone or tablet.The developers at started with this tool in 2006 and have constantly updated and tweaked the bot.Pot Odds stats represent the ration of how many chips there are in the pot to how many chips you require to place a bet.At this point the software that is installed with ease and is user friendly, helps you play the best possible end game.This tool gives you great information about players like their ROI, yearly earnings and even give you a rating in a percentage form and their overall ranking.Developed by Mark Keonard and just recently updated, Poker Mate is free for your iPhone.In addition to that, it tags your sessions so that you can customize your reports, it takes notes so that you can review your play, it helps you automate your bankroll management and track your opponents.I would not expect much in the line of support and updates as such.

It also allows you to rotate tables and increase your bet by using the mouse wheel.Poker Copilot In 2008 when Poker Copilot was released to fill the gap in the Mac industry where there was limited applications that could help you hone your poker skills.

Poker-Spy Poker Spy, which has been around since 2003, is a program that tracks and records previous hands and how your opponents played their cards.Player data is fully logged from webpages to your disk and contains percentage of hands played, notes, player image, showcards, threats on board and so forth.It also has a pot odds stat that tells you a ratio of how many chips are in the pot and how much you would need to call.Should you need to step away from your computer, it will sound an alert to let you know when it is your turn to play.All you would need to do is log onto your poker client and be seated at a table.This tool has a odds calculator, table tracker and statistical tracking software all rolled up into one tool.

Not only do they release updates for the tool but they welcome any suggestions to improve the tool.It does this by automatically adjusting the text size of the stats.If you play multiple tables, you can often find yourself distracted by these tables and you tend to shift focus onto a table you have no control over anymore.J.B. Hunt is a Fortune 500 Transportation Company dedicated to helping our customers move freight efficiently. Learn how we can help you today.Once opted in, you will not be asked to verify your request from your phone again unless you choose to opt out of the service.With All IN Expert it helps you by showing you what cards are a good choice to head all in with or raise preflop.SmartBuddy Most poker players have people they play better with.There however is no support aside from a single thread on this forum should you wish to try and contact the owner.

Not only can you resize them but you can configure different settings to switch between the tables seamlessly and easily.On the evaluation section, it gives you the three options you have.Poker4Tuna was started in early 2016 and has a forum for support.Not only does the tool do all of this it will also notify you when it is your turn to act by moving the table to the first slot so you always know where to look if it is your turn.If you are hesitant to trust this tool, you can put it through its paces with it on play money tables till you are comfortable with the way the tool works.When selecting the type of notification, select SMS Text Message and enter your mobile number to opt in.The tool imports cash game and tournament hands automatically once the previous hand file is uploaded.

You can also set the parameters and conditions for it to be considered a good table.SessionLords Multitabling is a great tool as it allows you to have a predefined target table amount.The app takes into account your position, cards and any plays made before you.It allows you to track your play live as well as enter date from past sessions, it supports cash games and tourneys and it allows you to view your results using a wide variety of stats.

SimpleNash This is a simple, easy to use calculator for Push or fold and raise and fold analysis.Select the ante and what position you and your opponents are seated at and select the stack sizes.

The software then reads the database and makes use of a HUD to display information of interest to the player on the table in real time.While it currently only supports PokerStars, it is still a great tool to use.Once you have played a few hands it can start building a database of your opponents and you can determine their hand strength based on their reaction time.For new players this tool is easy to work with and is a breeze to install and setup.

PS Play ByVoice has been on the market since 2011 and it receives constant updates.If you would like to read more reviews on this tool click here.The 888poker Calculator is all you need to find the right poker odds behind the cards.Shanky Bot Bots in the poker rooms are becoming more and more common.

Then once the initial setup is complete it will scan the lobby and find tables that meet the predefined rules.When the online game of poker gets too much, you can hit the button and you will be removed from your table and all buy-in and register options will be disabled till you have cooled off.SessionLord Multitabling Sit and Goes are a great source of income.It shows the evolution of your game and uses comparison charts.