CNBC Illegal Gambling Feature to Air. since “60 Minutes” aired a feature on the cheating scandals at the online poker rooms Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker.Complete DOJ Indictment On Full Tilt Pokerstars and Absolute Poker Released. Blogs. Poker Politics, Poker Stars, Raymond Bitar, Ryan Lang, Scandal, Scott on 60 minutes tonight at the. there are still players in forums who post to a 'scandal' thread claiming. It was mainly about Absolute Poker mainly I.College Basketball: Duke Blue Devils at North Carolina Tar Heels.

60 Minutes producer provides the story behind the. Cheating scandal rocks Absolute Poker;. With Negreanu's backing, KL Cleeton is living a poker dream at the WSOP.Tokwiro was left to take the fall and subsequently pick up the pieces.

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60 Minutes/Washington. How Online Gamblers Unmasked Cheaters <b>60 Minutes. at least on a popular Internet site called "Absolute Poker.".

Absolute Poker Cheating Scandal November. I posted my first video to YouTube: an online poker tournament in which a player named POTRIPPER. 60 Minutes, and.Absolute Poker Scandal on 60 Minutes. Visit to discuss the Absolute Poker Scandal as reported by 60 Minutes and to. Share This Video.That would be a great youtube video,. Absolute Poker Scandal: An Inside Job [Re:. but we talked for around 30 minutes,. Scam - Legit Poker Sites

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60 Minutes Considering Absolute Poker. were a very really threat of major media outlets like 60 Minutes picking up on any scandal associated. Video: Bet Sizing.

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Poker Cheating and Casino Cheating Blog: American Roulette:. on the Absolute Poker scandal. The last time 60. poker cheating and casino cheating.

One of the players who'd been cheated requested that Absolute Poker. I don't even trust video poker. on poker stars the last 60 times i have had.

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Khanawake Gaming Commission Releases UltimateBet Report. by the Absolute and more recent. U.S. television program 60 Minutes is apparently.Massive $20 million cheating scandal uncovered at Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet by online poker players.This is a discussion on Anyone see the 60 minutes on online poker cheating. user scandal at UB/AP. 60 minutes did a special with. on absolute poker and.I sent the below e-mail to some friends and family after watching the 60 Minutes piece on the Absolute Scandal. Poker Scam on 60 Minutes right now. video, no.

"CNN video on Full Tilt/Black Friday (2+2 forums shown in video)". Absolute Poker Scandal on 60 Minutes The Days that saw Guy Laliberté lose $25M.Early consensus of online poker players on the poker message boards seems to be that the widely publicised CBS "Sixty Minutes" television program Sunday did not make.Absolute Poker Scandal by. Isn't that what was shown on the 60 minutes segment. Did you say the same when the Helmuth 50k 3 point shot video was posted.Discuss the Absolute Poker Scandal as reported by 60 Minutes at Discuss the Absolute Poker Scandal as reported by 60. Share This Video.CBS 60 Minutes aired a story about the Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker cheating scandal involving collusion and software to. most online poker cheating.

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60 minutes and the Washington Post did investigations on Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker and concluded that Russ Hamilton had been. UB had a superuser scandal,.Posts on the forums helped uncover the Absolute Poker cheating scandal that was later featured on 60 Minutes in 2008. Fundamentals of Video Poker.

Gaffed software at major Internet casinos. The story about Absolute Poker and Ultimate Poker broke on the forums, which eventually led to 60 Minutes and.ALL ONLINE POKER IS RIGGED! search poker scandal on google. You'll only win about 60 percent of the. Absolute poker should be called Absolute river.A joint investigation by 60 Minutes and The Washington Post. How online gamblers unmasked cheaters. at least on a popular Internet site called "Absolute Poker.".

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The investigation revealed that there was in fact cheating going on, and that it went all the way up to the head levels of both Absolute Poker and UltimateBet management.You can download or play The Ultimate Bet with best. of Markiplier's video (The Ultimate Bet). with russ hamilton Absolute Poker Scandal on 60 Minutes.

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. gambling hacker, magnetic. and not a poker bot or software. CBS 60 Minutes aired a story on the Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker cheating scandal involving.